03 February 2014

Why the Ham -Nye Debate is Important

Tonight (Feb 4) at 7 pm (EST) Bill Nye (the science guy) will be Ken Ham's (Answers in Genesis) guest at the Creation Museum in northern Kentucky.  Before an audience of 900 and before who knows how many in gatherings of all sizes around the country, the two will go head to head on the issue of science.  Ham will defend the legitimacy of a worldview that places confidence in a universe ordered by a divine creator.  Nye will  claim that the world around us only makes sense if you accept the theory of evolution.  The event has created an enormous amount of chatter.

A very nice feature of this debate is that it will be accessible live via the internet for free. It will be available at debatelive.org.  At First Baptist Hazard we will stream it into our building, and we hope that many people in Hazard will come.  This will not be a church service and it's not a hook to try to push religion on anyone.  We simply want to gather folks together of all opinions to join the conversation.  I want us to consider these worldviews and thoughts about the existence of God and the claims of evolutionary science.  I hope that Christians and non-Christians will come and participate.  I think this debate is valuable for all of us, believers and skeptics alike.

Often we have strong disagreements and views about issues concerning the claims of religion and those of science.  However, I think this debate offers all of us an opportunity to enter a civilized, rational conversation, stretching us to think a little more critically than we do on any given average day.  Questions about God, existence and the meaning of life are no small matters.  It doesn't matter what worldview you hold, what we need is more constructive conversation when it comes to these issues of science, religion and education.

I hope that if you're in the Hazard area that you'll come join us for the debate (Feb 4) at First Baptist Church.  We will begin at 6:30 pm, with the debate scheduled to start at 7:00 pm.  Otherwise, I hope you'll gather some family and friends, get around a computer or TV and watch it and then have your own conversation to follow.     

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